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**I added a new message board. This one is from BeSeen, so you don't have to sign up to use it. This is a good place you can post any dance rumors, your reviews on dance CDs, or any other things. You can access the new board here. **

New Releases

An extensive listing of many of the new releases in the upcoming months. Also includes the past several months in case you might have missed anything. The list includes domestic & import releases and includes album & single releases. The dates are compiled from online music stores such as CDNow, Music Boulevard, & Siren Disc and from magazines.

Remixers & Producers Database

A work in progress. This will include a listing of remixers & producers and the tracks they have worked on. This is still in its early stages. I will be working on this over a long period of time. I'm hoping to make this a useful tool for djs and dance music lovers. Watch for updates on the page.


Includes information about releases about many dance artists. Also includes some discographies from non-dance acts, some of which have released dance remixes.


Features special projects that I feel you may find of interest. Generally this will contain compilation projects, but from time to time I may also include information about a new artist I wish to promote or about a returning artist with a project I think you may enjoy.


Features an extensive list of links to other sites that dance lovers may like. The list is growing and will continue to grow. If you think you have a site that would be of interest to dance fans, please feel free to email me.

Site Updates

This contains a listing of everything I've updated and when I updated them. I've put a link to each page that I've updated. I figured that would be a good idea since the page is growing. Watch for more changes in the next few weeks.

Music News

All the latest news and gossip about upcoming releases and the artists themselves.


Contains information that you may find of interest. Right now, it contains the listing of the videos played on MTV's AMP and 120 Minutes. If you miss an episode or can't remember the album title of one of the videos, you can look here for a listing.

Hot Trax

Features a listing of tracks that are the latest buzz. Check 'em out!!

Dance Arena Shop

The shop is actually a link to CDNow. Click on the artist's name of your choice and this will take you directly to the artist's page at CDNow.

Visit The Dance Arena Message Board

Post any dance rumors, CD reviews, cool stories, what you think of this site, or anything else here.

Contact Me

I would love to hear from anyone that enjoys dance music. Dance music includes so many different varieties such as house, techno, electronica, & trip hop. Anymore, they all seem to crossover onto each other, which is a good thing. If you just you have any questions, feel free to ask I'll do my best to answer you. Also, if you have any information such as track listings for some of the items I am missing (especially white labels or promo vinyl which I have no access to other than through information in magazines), please email me with the track listings and time lengths (if available).

Dance Arena Poll
What's your favorite dance song of 1999 so far?

Madonna: Nothing Really Matters
Cher: Strong Enough
Tori Amos: Jackie's Strength
Whitney Houston: It's Not Right But It's Okay
Cevin Fisher: (You Got Me) Burnin' Up
Garbage: When I Grow Up
Mariah Carey: I Still Believe
Gift Of Love featuring Demi Moore: "Do You Love Me"

Current Results

**This is the first of several polls for the best dance song of 1999. Watch for several more to come. The winner of each poll will then be entered into a final poll towards the end of the year. YOU get to decide what song will be crowned the best dance song of 1999.**



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