Site Updates

September 26, 2002

01: Finally added my own "discography". These are all songs that I have written. Updates have been few and far between. I've been working much more on my songwriting.  Click here to check out my discography.

02: This isn't an update. I just wanted to use this space to thank each and every one of my readers of this site. I've been doing updates offline. I'm trying to put together a bunch of new pages. Hopefully, I'll get them up soon. I do appreciate all of you for your interests in the site. Amazing after all of these years, there are still so many people who just love the music. And thanks also to every one who has written to me. I love knowing that there are people out there who are still enjoying the site.

03: And a special thanks to L. K. (You know who you are). Thanks for being there these last few years. Who woulda guessed a love for music could lead to a wonderful friendship. You've been there since the beginning of this site. And I didn't forget. The site recently had its anniversary,  and so have we. So Happy Anniversary!!!!! :)

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