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Siren Disc

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Tower Records

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Get Music

Super Dance

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Gramaphone Records

Global Electronics Music Market

Street Sounds

Wax Records

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Music Trends

Dance DJ Direct  (UK) (UK)

Hard To Find Records (UK)

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DJ  Sites

Junior Vasquez: House Of Joy  

Thunderpuss 2000 Home Page  

Danny Tenaglia Home Page

Love To Infinity Home Page

Tony Moran Home Page

Pablo Flores Home Page

Berman Brothers Home Page

Frankie Knuckles Home Page  --still under construction.

Todd Terry Home Page --still under construction.

Rick Mitchell Home Page

Other Cool Sites

DMA Magazine  (Dance Music Authority)  --The magazine's home page.

Dotmusic  --UK Dance & Club charts, reviews, & news.

Billboard  --Includes charts, reviews, & news.

Ultimate Band List  --Find all of your favorite artists at UBL. Includes many links to fan sites.

Dance Music Resources Page  --Find out about the latest European releases. Lots of info on dance music.

DJ Times  --The magazine's home page.

Urb  --The magazine's home page.

House Music  --Includes charts & reviews.

Pitchfork  --Features album reviews and artist interviews.

CMJ Magazine  --Features news & upcoming releases.

CDDB   --CD database.

Addicted To Noise  --Music news.

SonicNet  --Music news.

Wall Of Sound  --Music news.

The Music Link  --Links to many news sites & record labels, plus BPM  (track listings for a dance video show).

Rave World  --Interviews & downloads.

Dance Mix  --Reviews & info about equipment.

Custom CD Shops



Music Maker

Custom Disc

Artists Sites  --Features home pages and fan pages for many artists.

Record Labels  --Features the home pages for many record labels. Join their mailing lists and get free info.

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