Music Releases 1998

August 17

madonna: drowned world (german cd single)

kylie minogue: greatest remixes volume 3 (2 cd import set. 21 tracks)

kylie minogue: greatest remixes volume 4 (2 cd import set. 18 tracks)

August 18

des'ree: supernatural (album)

donna lewis: blue planet (album)

danny tenaglia: music is the answer (single)

monica: the first night (maxi single)

wild orchid: be mine (single)

August 24

madonna: drowned world (2 uk cd singles)

tori amos: raspberry swirl (german cd single)

moloko: i am not a doctor (limited edition cd-uk)

no mercy: hello, how are you? (7 mixes import cd single)

moby: honey (2 import cd singles)

danny tenaglia: music is the answer (2 import cd singles)

heather nova: heart & shoulder (2 import cd singles)

sash: life goes on (import album)

sheryl crow: my favorite mistake (2 import cd singles)

d-influence: rock with you (2 import cd singles)

lenny kravitz: i belong to you (import cd single)

grooverider: mysteries of funk (2 cd import set)

grooverider: rainbows of colour (2 import cd singles)

August 25

the b-52's: time capsule mixes-hallucinating pluto (single)

the b-52's: time capsule mixes-summer of love (single)

atomic babies: breuklen heights (album)

cirrus: back on a mission (album)

lauryn hill: the miseducation of lauryn hill (album)

deep dish: junk science (album) (featuring NEW song with Everything But The Girl)

August 31

all saints: booty call (2 import cd singles)

white town: another love (import cd single)

September 01

taylor dayne: whatever you want (cd single)

hannah jones: what the child needs (4 remix 12" singles)

barbara tucker: everybody dance (single)

darrell martin: dreams (single)

September 07

gloria estefan: oye (australian single)

deep dish & everything but the girl: future of the future (uk import cd single)

sash: mysterious times (import cd single)

fatboy slim: let's hear it for the little guy (japan cd)

curve: alligators coming in  (import single) 

pulp: party hard (2 import cd singles)

September 08

hannah jones: what the child needs (maxi single)

saint etienne: good humour (album) (FINALLY a domestic release!-featuring limited edition 2 cds)

hole: celebrity skin   (album)

soundtrack: why do fools fall in love?  (album featuring en vogue, melanie b., coko, etc.)

p.m. dawn: i had no right  (single)

September 14

bjork: singles box set (14 cd set-import)

depeche mode: only when i lose myself   (2 import cd singles-part 3 due on Oct. 05)

space monkeys: remix of them all (japan 9 trk)

charlotte: skin  (import cd single from ex-soul II soul singer)

September 15

tori amos: jackie's strength (single featuring 2 non lp songs)

marilyn manson: mechanical animals  (album featuring "the dope show")

deborah cox: nobody's supposed to be here   (single)

gloria estefan: oye  (mini & maxi singles)   (cancelled)

September 21

moloko: i am not a doctor (australian cd)

bjork: all is full of love  (remix import cd single)

lisa stansfield: the remix album  (import cd includes one mix not found on the u.s. cd) 

emf: very best of (japan cd)

September 22

papaya: pink  (album featuring "hero")

en vogue: no fool no more  (single from "why do fools fall in love?")

lida husik: faith in space  (album featuring "dissolve")

goo goo dolls: dizzy up the girl   (album featuring "iris")

deborah cox: nobody's supposed to be here  (maxi single featuring mixes by hex hector)

September 28

tori amos: jackie's strength  (swedish cd single)

moloko: i am not a doctor  (plus cd-aussie 2 cd set featuring cdrom videos and bonus track)

shamen: universal  (import cd single / import 12" / import 2 X 12" set)

smashing pumpkins: perfect (2 import cd singles)

187 lockdown: don (import cd single)

187 lockdown: 187  (import album)

brainbug: rain (2 import cd singles)

cake: never there   (import cd single)

September 29

madonna: the power of good-bye  (mini single featuring "mer girl")

sheryl crow: the globe sessions   (album featuring "my favorite mistake")

deborah cox: one wish  (album featuring "nobody's supposed to be here")

a night at the roxbury  (soundtrack featuring cyndi lauper's "disco inferno" & many dance songs!!)

p.m. dawn: dearest christian i'm so very....    (album featuring "i had no right")

wild orchid: oxygen  (album featuring "be mine")

October 05

fatboy slim: gangster trippin' (import cd single)

janet jackson: you   (import cd single featuring "accept me" & remix of  "go deep")   (cancelled)

garbage: special   (3 uk cd singles-part 3 is a 3" cd)

kylie minogue: cowboy style  (australian cd single)   (pushed back)

republica: from rush hour with love  (import single)

republica: speed ballads  (import album) 

depeche mode: only when i lose myself  (part 3 of a 3 cd single set)

deep dish & everything but the girl: future of the future  (australian 5 track cd)

saint etienne: lose that girl  (2 import cd singles)   (pushed back)

bjork: hunter  (3 import cd singles-uk release includes mixes not on the previous german release)

cardigans: my favorite game  (2 import cd singles)

crystal method: comin' back  (australian cd single 6 remixes)

les rythmes digitales: (hey you) what's that sound  (2 import cd singles)

mariah carey & jd: sweetheart  (2 import cd singles)

seal: human being  (japan cd)

pizzicato 5: playboy playgirl (japan cd)

heather nova: heart & shoulder  (2 import cd singles)

aqua: bubble mix  (import remix album at a lower price)

October 06

taylor dayne: naked without you (album)

depeche mode: singles 1986-1998  (double album)

various artists: vh1 divas live  (album featuring live songs from mariah carey, gloria estefan, aretha franklin, shania twain, celine dion, and carole king).    the home video will also be released today.

various artists: dance mix usa 1999  (album featuring ultra nate, billie myers, lisa stansfield, & hannah jones)

various artists: dma fuse energy  (album)

ace of base: whenever you're near me  (mini & maxi singles)

n'dea davenport: bullshitin'  (single)

squarepusher: big loada  (album featuring "come on my selector")

wagon christ: tally ho!  (album featuring "lovely")

plaid: not for threes   (album featuring bjork on 1 song)

autechre: autechre   (album)

October 12

natalie imbruglia: smoke  (2 uk cd singles featuring remixes by way out west & ganja kru, etc)

b*witched: b*witched  (import album featuring "c'est la vie" & "rollercoaster")

cher: believe  (2 import cd singles)

smashing pumpkins: perfect  (australian 6 track remix single)

beastie boys: body movin'  (import cd single)

aphex twin: window licker  (import cd single)

k-klass: k2  (import album featuring "burnin'")

unkle: rabbit in your headlights  (6 track import single featuring Thom Yorke of Radiohead on vocals)

talvin singh: ok  (import cd single)

suzanne vega: tried & true  (best of import album)

culture club: i just wanna be loved (import cd single)

massive attack: inertia creeps   (2 import cd singles)

rem: daysleeping  (2 import cd singles)

smashing pumpkins: perfect  (5 track remix aussie single)

October 13

samantha fox: 21st century fox   (album)

samantha fox: let me be free  (single)

cleopatra: life ain't easy  (mini & maxi singles)

depeche mode: only when i lose myself  (part 2 maxi single with gus gus & dj shadow remixes)

soundtrack: pleasantville   (album featuring 2 new songs by fiona apple including "across the universe")

squarepusher: music is rotted one note  (album)

October 19

george michael: outside  (2 import cd singles from the forthcoming greatest hits)

alanis morissette: thank u  (import cd single featuring "pollyanna flower" & "uninvited(demo)")

towa tei featuring kylie minogue: g.b.i.  (2 uk import cd singles)

chumbawamba: uneasy listening (best) (japan cd)  (cancelled)

u2: sweetest thing  (2 import cd singles)

rose royce featuring gwen dickey: car wash '98  (import cd single)

October 20

fatboy slim: you've come a long way, baby!  (album)

shania twain: from this moment on  (mini single)   (pushed back)

grooverider: mysteries of funk  (album)

react: react   (album produced by the berman brothers)

react: let's go all the way  (single)

moby: honey  (regular single & remix single)

808 state: 808-90   (reissue of 1990 album)

talvin singh: traveller  (12" vinyl single)

October 26

natalie imbruglia: smoke  (australian single)

m people: testify  (2 import cd singles featuring remixes by d-influence, rae & christian, & live versions)

October 27

bryan adams: on a day like today  (album featuring one song with melanie c. of the spice girls)

soundtrack: sabrina, the teenage witch  (featuring spice girls, pure sugar, aqua, robyn, cardigans, etc)

club 69: muscles   (maxi single)

lauryn hill: doo wop(that thing)  (mini & maxi singles-maxi features "lost ones" remix)

englebert humperdinck: the dance album  (interhit records)

steve best: way you want it  (single on interhit records)

five: it's the things you do  (single)

98 degrees: 98 degrees and rising  (album)

November 02

jewel: hands  (aussie single)

u2: best of 1980-1990  (import 2 cd set)

m people: classics-best of m people   (import album)

beck: toropicalia   (aussie cd single)

jewel: hands  (2 uk cd singles set)

seal: human beings  (import single)

beastie boys: body movin'  (german cd single featuring fatboy slim remix)

prince: come on  (2 import cd singles set)

808 state: newbuild  (import album)

November 03

alanis morissette: supposed forever infatuation junkie (album)

the cardigans: gran turismo  (album)

gloria estefan: don't let this moment end (mini & maxi singles)

beck: mutations (album)

lida husik: dissolve (single)

celine dion: these are special times (x-mas album)

britney spears: baby one more time  (single)

u2: best of 1980-1990  (1 & 2 cd sets-2 cd set limited edition)

dub pistols: point blank  (album)

talvin singh: ok  (album)

englebert humperdinck: release me  (interhit single)

hanson: road to albertone   (live album)

808 state: thermo kings  (remix album)

dannii minogue: remixes  (australian only remix cd-only online store that has this listed now is soundstone)

adamski's thing: adamski's thing  (album)

lfo (lyte funky ones): if i can't have you  (maxi single)

November 09

madonna: the power of good-bye  (aussie & german singles featuring mixes by luke slater & dallas austin)

garbage: special (aussie 5 track single)

air: all i need  (import cd single)

jewel: hands  (aussie single)

red snapper: image of you  (import 2 cd set)

cornershop: candyman  (import 12" single 4 remixes)

bjork: alarm call  (5 X 12" import set)

abc: poison arrow  (import cd single)

November 10

george michael: ladies & gentlemen-the best of george michael (2 cd set)

cher: believe  (album)

portishead: pnyc (live album)

4 hero: 2 pages  (album)

r. kelly: r.   (2 cd set featuring a duet with celine dion)

five: it's the things you do  (maxi single)

joi cardwell: clubland's greatest hits  (2 cd remix album featuring "you got to pray", "power", "love and devotion", etc)

n sync: u drive me crazy  (import single)  (date: soundstone)

November 16

janet jackson: everytime  (aussie single)

republica: try everything  (2 uk cd singles set featuring live versions of "ready to go" & "drop dead gorgeous")

bt: godspeed  (import cd single)

dannii minogue: singles  (aussie only singles album)

dannii minogue: coconut  (import single)

all saints: war of nerves  (2 import cd singles)

808 state: deepville  (import single)

4 hero: escape that  (2 import cd singles)

sash featuring shannon: movie mania  (2 import cd singles)

sheryl crow: there goes the neighborhood  (2 import cd singles)

celine dion & r. kelly: i'm your angel  (2 import cd singles featuring unreleased To Love You More remix)

prince: come on  (remix import cd single)

hole: malibu  (aussie single)

chumbawamba: uneasy listening  (import album)

November 17

tori amos: the complete videos 1991-1998  (15 track compilation video)

mariah carey: no. 1's   (album)

whitney houston: your love is my love  (album)

cher: believe (single)

jewel: spirit (album)

seal: human being (album)

basia: clear horizon-the best of basia  (album)

joi cardwell: power  (maxi single)

kmfdm: agogo (album)

kmfdm: retro (hits album)

various artists: power dance hits '98  (album featuring more said's "uninvited")

November 19

madonna: the power of good-bye  (uk import cd single)  (date subject to change)

November 23

janet jackson: everytime  (german single)

meat beat manifesto: prime audio soup  (import cd single)

will smith: miami  (2 import cd singles featuring mixes by miami sound machine & jason nevins)

jungle brothers: because I got it like that  (2 import cd singles)

November 24

vanessa williams: greatest hits-the first ten years   (album)

tori amos: raspberry swirl  (single)

the bowling green: one pound note  (album)

soundtrack: south park-chef aid  (album)

meatloaf: the very best of meatloaf  (2 cd set)

metallica: garage inc.  (2 cd set of covers)

clueless: i don't want to miss a thing  (import single)

boyzone: where do we belong  (album)

nuyorican soul: nuyorican soul remixes  (japan cd)

various artists: mtv party to go '99  (album)

omd: the singles  (album)

November 30

kylie minogue: intimate and live  (live import album)

bjork: alarm call  (3 import cd singles)

all saints: the remix album  (import album)

madonna: remix ep  (japan ep said to contain remixes of "power of goodbye")

the b-52's: remix ep  (japan ep)

savage garden: i want you '98  (2 import cd singles with new mixes by xenomania, sash, sharp, & dave bascombe)

the orb: little fluffy clouds  (2 X 12" import set with danny tenaglia & pal joey mixes)

morcheeba: summertime  (import cd single from "red, hot, & rhapsody")

janet jackson: velvet rope (2 cd set + 5) (import album features mixes of "got till it's gone", "everytime", "go deep", etc)

jewel:  spirit  (japan album)

eels: cancer for the cure  (import cd single)

December 01

Lonnie Gordon: Happenin' All Over Again '98  (single)

Marina: Um Lotty Da EP  (single)

Marina: Do You Wanna Dance EP  (single)

Marina: Dream Lover EP  (single)

Marina: Totally Fabu EP  (single)

Marina: Silent Night EP  (single)

Marina: Flambo-Ti Amo EP  (single)

December 07

Ace Of Base: Always Have, Always Will  (2 import cd singles)  

Beck: Tropicalia  (import single)

Beastie Boys: Body Movin'  (Aussie cd single)

Mariah Carey & Whitney Houston: When You Believe  (2 import cd singles)

Goldie: Ring Of Saturn  (import cd & 3 X 12" set)

Will Smith: Miami  (Aussie 4 track remix import cd single)

Sash! featuring Shannon: Movie Mania  (Aussie 6 track single)

Sash!: Life Goes On  (import 2 cd album featuring 2nd cd of remixes)

Hootie & The Blowfish: Only Lonely  (import cd single)

Rem: Lotus  (2 import cd singles)

Prince: 1999  (import cd single re-issue-UK & Aussie)

December 08

Gloria Estefan: Don't Stop  (12 track video collection of dance songs inc. "Don't Stop(Live at Studio 54)")

Spice Girls: Goodbye  (single)

Faith No More: Who Cares A Lot, Greatest Hits  (2 cd album featuring 1 cd of limited edition non lp songs)

December 14

Aqua: Good Morning Sunshine  (2 import cd singles)  

Spice Girls: Goodbye  (2 import cd singles)

B*Witched: To You I Belong  (2 import cd singles)

December 15

Massive Attack: The Singles Collection  (U.S. limited edition)

December 22

Paul Van Dyk: Vorsprung Dyk Technik Remixes  (U.S. edition of the 3 cd set featuring many of PVD's remixes)

Squarepusher: Feed Me Weird Things  (album)

Bjork: Volumen  (video collection of all of her videos)

Bjork: Live At Shepards Bush Empire  (live video)

Mu-ziq: Bluff Limbo  (album)

Tricky: 6 Minutes  (vinyl single)

December 29

Brandy: Have You Ever?  (single)

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