Everybody Dance

Everybody Dance-Remixed Dance Classics. (3 cd set-1998-Rhino / Atlantic Records)


01: chic: good times(a touch of jazz mix) 5:18

02: sugar hill gang: rapper's delight(the tkc old school future remix) 6:50

03: chic / earth people: dance, dance, dance(yowsah, yowsah, yowsah) (pal joey mix) 4:08

04: spinners: could it be i'm falling in love(henry street mix) 5:01

05: sister sledge: he's the greatest dancer(brutal bill mix) 5:29

06: chic: i want your love(stonebridge mix) 8:44

07: yes: owner of a lonely heart(todd terry mix) 4:52

08: linda clifford: runaway love(maw mix) 5:57

09: phreek: weekend(tommy musto mix) 7:31

10: aretha franklin: respect(one rascal mix) 4:04

11: chic: everybody dance(hardhouse mix) 5:38

12: aretha franklin: rock steady(arif's classic mix) 5:57


01: gwen mccrae: funky sensation(maw mix) 6:26

02: the trammps: the night the lights went out(black science ny story part 1) 6:51

03: manu dibango: soul makossa(johnick mix) 6:02

04: modern romance: can you move(def mix) 7:54

05: sister sledge: we are family(marley's tribute to larry levan mix) 5:28

06: the system: you are in my system(tee's freeze mix) 5:24

07: spinners: i'll be around(simp-house mix) 4:05

08: sister sledge: thinking of you(ramp mix) 7:29

09: slave: just a touch of love(maw mix) 7:38

10: the manhattan transfer: twilight zone / twilight tone(nevco rascal mix) 5:20

11: herbie mann: hi-jack(johnick mix) 4:45

12: max q: sometimes(todd terry mix) 5:48

#3 (limited edition only)

01: manu dibango: new bell(maw mix) 7:01

02: sister sledge: thinking of you(re-touch mix) 4:58

03: aretha franklin: respect(extended deeper mix) 8:35

04: the trammps: the night the lights went out(black science ny story part 2) 8:44

05: chic: good times(a touch of jazz original mix with cuts) 6:02

06: yes: owner of a lonely heart(tee's henry st. dub) 5:42

07: linda clifford: runaway love(maw original mix) 9:40

08: modern romance: can you move(morales bass mix) 7:45

09: herbie mann: hi-jack(king britt mix) 6:45

If you do not already own this cd, you need to hurry and get it!!!! Some of the top names in remixing and producing have made one of the best various artists cds I've seen in a while. The track choices are right on target. The mixes are interesting and some are classic. There is a 2 cd set which has discs 1 & 2, but I'll be posting the track listings for the limited edition 3 cd set.

**The Aretha Franklin "Respect" mix is worth the price of the limited edition alone. Certainly the highlight of the whole set. Both Spinners tracks are very interesting as are all of the mixes of Sister Sledge. Yes' "Owner Of A Lonely Heart" reaches a whole new audience with Todd Terry's mix. Kudos to Atlantic for releasing such a set of GREAT dance music. Here's hoping that this trend will continue!!!

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